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Victory: French Onion Soup

I had another successful experiment recently, in the form of french onion soup. In addition to being delicious, this particular soup is simple as hell. The basic recipe made 6-8 servings but I decided to cut it back a bit since only my mother and I would be eating it. Generally, it seems about right to use 1 can of broth per onion.

* 2-3 Large onions, peeled and thinly sliced
* 2-3 Cans of beef broth
* Butter

Cook the onions down in the butter in whatever big pot or pan you're using. It took me about 20 minutes. Do it slow, under lowish-medium heat, because you don't want to burn the butter. I turned the heat up at the last minute to caramelize them a bit. Now, add the broth. Hot damn. I added a tsp of worcestershire sauce, which I know sounds weird, but Better Homes and Gardens said to do it, and it really added something nice to the flavor.

I put gruyer cheese on the bottoms of the bowls, and then filled them up. Then I put slices of italian (french also works... more authenic too I guess) bread with more sliced gruyer on top of the soup, floating in the bowls. After that I broiled the bowls to melt the cheese and served. Hell of good.

Alternate ideas? It's a pretty simple process and the result is undeniably delicious. You can use swiss cheese instead of gruyer, esp. if you're on a budget. The cheese I bought cost as much as the rest of the ingredients together.
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It's really easy to make and the house smells wonderful when you have a pot of this on the stove!